Wow, has it been 2 years already?

I have to start using this place more often. Not sure what happened as I still love making icons and everything. I mean, I haven't been making them a lot lately but I'm still making them and I wanna get back into the beat, so to speak.

I don't know how often I'll be making icon posts and I have no idea how big the posts are gonna be but I wanna make and post new icons.

I'm starting fresh. Got psds, textures, fonts. I'll be checking out lots of tutorials as well since I'm a little bit rusty but I'm gonna get back into shape fast :)

The best way to start doing that is to have one of those:

I've asked my friends list to give me 5 tv shows, 5 episodes or 5 screencaps so the same would go here for shows. You can also tell me a movie you'd like to have.

Unless specified, all icons are going to be shareable :)
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